Things to know about Enterprise data archiving and Email Archiver enterprise

ABCAdda | Updated Jun 04, 2022

Enterprise data archiving has grown with the ever-growing growth of corporate data, and complying with regulatory compliance around digital files, communications, personally identifiable information (PII), financial information, and financial data can be daunting, especially with the increasingly complex and interactive elements common to websites. Current web.

This is where the decision to archive company information becomes important to mitigate compliance risk.

Here you can learn about Enterprise archiving and Email Archiver enterprise.

What is Enterprise data archiving filing, and why is it important?

Enterprise information archiving solution (EIA) uses technology to centrally store and organize corporate data (examples include: file archival and website sharing, and communications such as Email, collaboration application data, SMS, and social media).

Enterprise data archiving includes both structured and unstructured data archiving. World archives usually consisted of structured data stored neatly in databases in the past.

With the increase in unstructured data being created across a wide range of machines, from local terminals to laptops, and mobile devices, specialized enterprise data archiving solutions are critical to enabling organizations to comply with state and federal data regulations to manage data effectively.

Retention management while supporting their legal hold and HR departments with internal investigations or eDiscovery.

There are many data archiving products in the market, such as:

list of data archiving products in the market, such as: Veritas Enterprise Vault, Archive by Mimecast, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive, Barracuda Message Archiver, Google Vault, Commvault Archiving data, Jatheon Archiving data Suite, ZL Unified world Archive

  • Veritas Enterprise Vault
  • Archive by Mimecast
  • Proofpoint Enterprise Archive
  • Barracuda Message Archiver
  • Google Vault
  • Commvault Archiving data
  • Jatheon Archiving data Suite
  • ZL Unified world Archive
  • Vaultastic

What is Email archiver enterprise software?

Email archiving software compresses and stores emails older than a user-defined age for forwarding or checking at a later date. This solution allows organizations to keep a complete record of all email transactions without consuming significant storage space.

By Email archiver enterprise, organizations can review employee email conversations, sales rep’s email interaction history, and more for a more comprehensive view of a user’s or organization’s conversation history.

IT departments will use an email-based archiving solution to store email history so HR teams, management, sales teams, and others can review archived emails and make business decisions. Email archiving tools work well with various communication platforms to preserve B2B, B2C, and employee interactions.

To be eligible for inclusion in the Email Archiving category, products must:

  • Compress and save emails after a certain age
  • Provide keyword search to sort archived emails
  • Protect stored Emails with encryption and other security measures

Who should need an Enterprise data archive service?

All public companies and corporations must comply with state and federal data regulations to use Enterprise data archive service for archival computer programs. Some common examples are companies in the financial, medical and pharmaceutical, insurance, food and supply chain sectors.

Checklist for company Enterprise archiving?

Understanding the various regulatory agencies that apply to your business is the first step to becoming compliant. But for properly archiving, accessing, and auditing large and growing enterprise professional archive solutions, it is clear that manual processes alone are not sufficient, and an Enterprise data archive solution is required.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering an archival computer program by using an enterprise information archiving solution:

  1. Think unstructured data: unstructured data is the fastest-growing type of enterprise data today and the hardest to capture. Ensure the best data archiving solutions to secure data from all your data sources, including internal systems and SaaS.
  2. Insufficient screenshot archive: Historically, websites and other digital information have tended to be static so that a screenshot may be sufficient for regulatory compliance. But with today’s cutting-edge websites, collaboration applications, and other SaaS-based software, data is dynamic and interactive, requiring the Best data archiving solution to archive the entire customer experience.
  3. This can be done by crawling the entire source website, finding every part, and capturing content, including advertising disclosures. to create archives that mimic the functionality of your website in real-time and raise the bar of evidence when viewed in regulatory review by data archive solution.
  4. Manual processes result in wasted time, human error and large fines for non-compliance: Enterprise data archiving decisions need to automate previously manual tasks while meeting regulatory requirements with a full audit trail, complete metadata and consistency. You can also look for customizable professional archive solutions that allow you to precisely control and define collection parameters and retention policies so that you collect and pay for only the data loss necessary to demonstrate compliance.
  5. Compliance applies to the entire company, not just the IT department: In terms of data management, data loss, and collection, IT is often viewed by other departments as a “data steward”, potentially creating a “blind spot” for practical information. For this reason, decisions about archives that allow independence are critical.
  6. That’s why features like automatic keyword monitoring and daily notifications help departments quickly identify and respond to compliance risks. Another thing you need is the ability to easily create and export records for internal sharing or for performing auditing needs.

Things to know about Enterprise data archiving and Email Archiver enterprise

How does Enterprise information archiving work?

Enterprise Information Archiving is a cloud-based Email archiving and file archiving software solution that provides centralized archiving data, automated tools for mailbox management, electronic litigation detection, and litigation support.

As an archive data in the cloud-based solution, Mimecast offers exceptional scalability and requires no additional capital or infrastructure investment, helping to reduce the costs of managing growing data volumes. Enterprise information archiving provides:

  • Encrypted, secure, archive data in the cloud-based storage of Emails, files, and conversations with Lync IM across multiple geographically dispersed data centers, storing three copies of each item for onboard backup.
  • The industry-leading 7-second SLA for electronic search and discovery ensures employees and administrators can find archived information in seconds.
  • Access private archives from anywhere and with any device.
  • An easy-to-use storage management tool that enables flexible, policy-driven storage at the organization, group, mailbox, or published storage folder level.
  • Comprehensive support for compliance requests, electronic detection and litigation.
  • Full archive access registration, including logs for search and message display.
  • The pricing structure is based on the number of mailboxes rather than email volume, reducing operating costs and the total cost of ownership.

Email archiver enterprise How does it work?

Cloud Archive for Email is a secure, dynamically scalable cloud archival email. By simplifying email management and eliminating the need for a local email archiving solution, the Email archiving solution helps you dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of your email infrastructure.

Available as a standalone service or as part of the Integrated Email Management Enterprise solution, this email archiver gives your users unlimited mailboxes while giving your administrator superior mailbox management capabilities.

Using multiple collection points, Cloud Archival for Email maintains each original Email and detailed metadata, including email recipients and the date and time they sent them. If the Email is ever changed by company policy, they will also keep a copy of the changes.

Additionally, you can use historical emails in the Email archiving solution to create a single repository for all email data. Users can access their email archives from any device, anywhere, increasing the productivity of their mobile workforce.

Email Archiver gives your administrator superior control over email retention management policies. Administrators can perform electronic discovery searches from a single web-based management console, set detailed retention policies, manage users, and handle litigation retention management requests.

Enterprise information archiving benefits

Enterprise information archiving benefits. With data archiving products Information based Archiving you can

With data archiving products Information based Archiving you can:

  1. Increase productivity and user insight with instant access to Email and archived files.
  2. Improve email server performance by moving large numbers of messages to the cloud-based.
  3. Extend business continuity with the ability to recover email server data from custom archives that cannot change.
  4. Minimize tech support calls by allowing agents to perform their archive searches and providing them with the tools to retrieve deleted emails.
  5. Reduce costs by implementing a reliable enterprise data backup solution without investing in new hardware or software.
  6. Minimize the time, cost and complexity of responding to compliance requests, litigation, and electronic detection.


Enterprise archiving information is the right choice; sustainable and scalable solution to secure all data. The choice of on-premises implementation in a hosted or hybrid environment, Rules-based and easy to deploy individualized for your company and industry. One interface to manage everything archived.

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