What is Accounts Receivable Software?

ABCAdda | Updated Oct 07, 2022

Accounts Receivables are money owed to a company after a customer provides a product or service. The company has the right to collect this money, and the money contributes to the company’s cash flow, which helps increase the company’s working capital.

For example, Company A is a bicycle manufacturer. Company B is a bicycle shop. Company B will buy 12 bicycles at $200 per bicycle from Company A to sell in their store. Company A now owes $2,400 to Company B.

The problem with accounts receivable is that in B2B situations where products and services are provided on credit, there is the risk of never getting your debt. For this reason, companies that offer lines of credit for their products or services must carefully screen their potential customers before converting them into customers.

For this reason, many businesses are turning to accounts receivable automation. Software Accounts receivable automates the collection process for overdue receivables. He can prioritize collector days by telling him which accounts to report.

It can even connect to accounts for collectors by sending automated emails with reminders or payment links on the customer’s payment gateway.

Businesses often see a drop in daily sales when using accounts receivable automation. Automation allows companies to focus on the customers that matter most, ensuring that the risk of uncollectible remains low.

What are the key features of accounts receivable software?

Accounts receivable software In India can vary depending on the size of the business, the size of the plan you choose, and what you want to accomplish with it. However, there are some critical features of accounts receivable automation that every system should be able to handle.

Without this feature, you will be forced to perform many manual tasks, which will not help your end goal of being more focused and efficient in your claims process. Below are the features a truly automated accounts receivable system should have.

1. Automatic email

In the everyday life of a collector, who has the time to email every customer to remind them to pay their bills? Not many. With the automated email feature, you can easily schedule who receives a one-time email, create an email template, then let the accounts receivable software in Europe do the rest.

2. Online billing

One of the most manageable manual tasks to outsource is data entry when a customer checks out. Whether customers mail checks or ask for their credit card numbers, wouldn’t it be easier if they could process their payments?

Most accounts receivable software in USA systems should have an online bill payment feature that allows customers to open a personalized payment portal where they can view open invoices and make payments instantly.

3. Invoice dispute management

Billing disputes are a significant obstacle to getting payments on time. The longer the invoice is disputed, the less likely it is to collect the total amount. Your malware should have a feature that automatically escalates a dispute to the right person to deal with it. It should also monitor disputes to know the most common ones, so you can proactively address the issue.

4. Phone call management

Talking to customers on the phone is one of the most important jobs a collector can do. Phone calls are the most common way to get customers to take action and make payments. Using software accounts receivable with phone call management features, you can record and copy those phone calls directly from the app. Customers can also access a pre-recorded menu to find their balance, how many bills they have, and more.

5. Document management

Claims, by their nature, involve multiple documents. You have bank statements, invoices, purchase orders, and other documents that customers need to consider paying their bills. Your accounts receivable software in the UK should have features that allow you to manage documents and attach them to your automated emails.

What are the benefits companies receive from using accounts receivable software?

Companies using this technology are seeing some fantastic results, for example:

Improve your cash position

You have bills to pay. If you don’t get paid on time, you’re bound to end up in a drought where you owe more than you earn. By focusing on your receivables, implementing best practices, reminding customers to pay, identifying invoices early in the process, and making it easier for customers to pay – you’ll have a clear picture of your cash position.

Some accounts receivable automation management apps include statistical liquidity forecasts based on your customers’ historical payment behavior, so you know what cash you need to receive next week to next month.

Improvement of cash control and working capital

Understanding your cash position and improving customer performance is key to managing and increasing working capital. Managing working capital effectively gives you the insight you need to make strategic investment decisions, such as buying capital equipment, hiring new employees, expanding facilities, and other investments to grow your business. You will also have more money by improving your bill collection process.

Improving claims management efficiency

How much time do you waste figuring out who to call, when, and why, and how long does it take to get the information you need to solve the problem so you can get paid?

The answer – is much more time than you think. According to Paystream Advisors, businesses that use automated accounts receivable management systems to organize and automate day-to-day tasks can:

  • Reduce time spent prioritizing and setting up calls from 15% to 6%.
  • Reduced time spent handling disputes from 40% to 13%.
  • Increase the time it takes to pay a customer from 20% to 62%

Improving customer communication

A/R management software in the USA should make it easy for you to communicate with clients. You can usually view account information from a single screen, compose emails, attach invoices, create circulation documents, and log phone calls. And best of all, every communication is saved for later review and analysis.

Save time and serve your customers better with improved communication tools that integrate with more sophisticated accounts receivable management systems.

Improving customer service and satisfaction

Most customers want to pay you on time, and it’s often your fault that they paid late. Either you didn’t send the bill early so they could make the payment on time, or there’s a problem with the account, and they won’t pay until it’s fixed.

How do these avoidable problems affect customer satisfaction? You are significant. Remember that about 50% of all billing issues are related to missing or incorrect order information on your invoice – a highly preventable problem. Also, think about how frustrated your customers will be if you keep calling them about late payments, if they don’t get the bill right away, if it’s your fault, or if it’s your fault because they keep placing their orders out of the way.

Automated accounts receivable management system India can automate sending invoices to customers, alerting you to invoice issues such as lost orders, and putting everything you need in one place so you can serve customers better, waste less time, and improve your relationship with them. Buy more products and services later.

Reduce administration cost

This is the digital age. Do you still send bank statements and invoices or fax them? A/R management business applications for medium and large enterprises are designed to automate all activities that would otherwise require no human intervention.

Why pay someone to print, fold, and load envelopes when you can probably automate those communications for most, if not all, of your customers? Plus, what you save on paper, toner, envelopes, postage, and time wasted in this ancient process.

Short sales

When retailers or manufacturers make sales, they incur high costs in the inventory and labor required to fulfill orders. When a service organization receives approval for a new project, it allocates expensive resources to deliver the service.

The key to running a successful business is getting paid for your product or service as soon as possible. You rely on your accounting system to create sales orders and invoices, but your accounts receivable software in Europe takes over.

Invoices can be automatically sent to customers on the day they are created. The integrated customer portal and online payment capabilities allow customers to pay by credit card or ACH, giving customers more options to pay you faster.

Minimum credit risk

How Much Credit Should You Lend Your Customers? What is the risk of you not paying? Any business that provides credit takes a calculated risk of receiving payment for time or perishable inventory. But that’s the nature of business today – customers expect credit terms, and competitors make credit, so everyone should do the same.

But there are ways to reduce your risk. You can rely on useful third-party information for new customers and monitor existing customer relationships for customers who are slowly becoming more risky accounts.

Many A/R management software applications allow you to save bureau credit reports, submit loan applications and back them up with account records, create your credit score formulas, color code customers based on risk level, and set alerts to notify you of customers in excessive arrears, disputes or accounts that take longer to pay their bills.

Note that many collection software solutions specialize in corporate credit management that offer little collection automation, while other applications with very little credit functionality are more involved in billing.

Which is the best accounts receivable collections software?

  1. Emagia
  2. Fresh Books
  3. NetSuite ERP
  4. QuickBooks Online
  5. Sage Business Cloud Accounting
  6. Gavit
  7. Zoho Books
  8. Xero
  9. Sage 50 cloud
  10. Free Agent
  11. Bill.com
  12. Quick Book
  13. Wool

Reasons why you should use Accounts Receivable Software?

The first prominent benefit of accounts receivable software USA is its organizational capability, which allows your staff to focus on effectively managing collections. The software can streamline all information to give you an accurate picture of who is furthest along with the payments. This allows you to take collections to a new level and reach delinquent accounts long before they get out of hand.

Automating simple and repetitive tasks that take a lot of time and resources manually is another great benefit of the software. Automation can include billing, late notifications, reminders, and account changes.

By assigning them to a software system instead of doing everything manually, you save a lot of time your employees can spend on more important tasks.

Electronic invoicing is a great feature of AR automation software. Invoices can be viewed with the click of a button instead of a series of phone calls or elusive file searches.

It also guarantees that you will be paid 20 percent faster! Isn’t that the primary goal of the AR department? Electronic invoices can even create and save invoice templates for quick and convenient use later.

Integrating your AR software with your other business applications is another excellent feature many software systems offer. Sharing contact information, shipping addresses, and even orders is a huge benefit to increasing your business. Having this information at your fingertips across your business systems can only speed up the accounts receivable process, allowing you to send invoices faster and get paid faster.

The benefits of software accounts receivable are undeniable; they are the future, and let’s face it, they have been for a while. Get started with automation software that makes your business more efficient!

What are the benefits of accounts receivable software?

If you want to get paid faster, implementing accounts receivable software can help your business:

  • Auto contact
  • bills everywhere
  • Find out about the payment cycle
  • collect payment on time
  • Achieve company-wide ROI
  • Use stable reports

Benefits examples show how accounts receivable software can help your business become more efficient with debt collection. Accelerating your cash flow allows your business to improve its financial position.

By eliminating manual processes, make it easy for your customers to verify their invoices electronically and pay them on time. Leveraging automation seamlessly guides your customers through the order-to-cash cycle, enabling you to quickly convert receivables into cash and amplify your cash flow throughout the year.


Accounts receivable software offers many benefits to businesses, including automating routine accounting tasks, eliminating manual errors, keeping your books accurate, and more.

Growing businesses need a quality accounts receivable program to ensure their books and financial records are accurate and orderly. Therefore, use software accounts receivable.