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RBS Bankline Login

RBS Bankline login is one of the services offered by Royal Bank of Scotland. Now you can access it online by logging into RBS Bankline once you have an account on the website. Learn more about the input process of RBS Bankline login steps in this article. Also read the short profile of Royal Bank of Scotland, contact information and what to do if you forget your password or bank account PIN.

About Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

Royal Bank of Scotland is a well-known Scottish commercial and retail bank. Founded in 1724, with significant ties to Hanoverians and Whigs. This bank is a subsidiary of the parent company NatWest Group. Other subsidiaries are NatWest Bank and Ulster Bank.

RBS bankline currently has more than 700 branches, mostly in Scotland. However, it also has offices in England and Wales. The services offered by Rbankline rbs login are very diverse, ranging from savings, credit cards, loans, mortgages, investments, insurance and many more. Now that you know a bit more about Royal Bank of Scotland, it is time to move on to the next section, which explains the procedure for logging into RBS Bankline and the elements required to access or rbs bankline login your account.

RBS Bankline login Useful

RBS bankline login uk allows you to view all your accounts in one account, create multiple users with custom roles, and make secure payments of any size. It is a digital platform that allows you to control company finances.

To register, you need an RBS account for auditing.

  • Payment method: Transfer money between your accounts, pay bills, friends, family, etc. Applicable standards
  • Control: Set weekly balance alarms, instant action alarms, fixed overdraft alarms and more.
  • Ready: If you have any questions, you can talk to our digital assistant Cora around the clock
  • Riot: Reduce paper wastage and confusion by switching to paperless data and messaging
  • Royal Bank of Scotland account provides digital banking services for clients over 11 years old

Requirements to enter the official RBS Bankline website to enter RBS Bankline

  • Username (customer identification),
  • Password and PIN code.
  • Web browser.
  • Computer, laptop or smartphone to connect you to the internet.

RBS Bankline login step by step guide

  • Go to “Register for banking services” and tell us whether you are a personal, business or credit card customer. press here
  • Enter your personal information needed detailed information about name, date of birth, account number.
  • We will display your client number on the screen (your progress so far is good). Keep this in mind as you will be using it as you step into the future. Unless we need to specify otherwise, skip to step 7, but you may need to continue to step 4. Let us know on the screen.
  • We will then send you an activation code. We will send your activation code via SMS. Or if we don’t have your phone number, we’ll send it to you
  • Go to the Royal Bank of Scotland website and click “Register” in the top right corner to receive an activation code.
    Enter the customer number and activation code on the login page
  • Now you need to select a password and PIN and save it in memory. Your PIN must be four digits long and your password can be from six to twenty characters, including letters and numbers.
  • End, end, end. You can now manage your money anywhere you can call online (you can also subscribe to our mobile app).

How do I log in and check my balance?

RBS Bankline Login

  • After registering, you can easily check your balance via a digital bank.
  • Login and check your balance
  • After signing up for a digital banking service, all you need to do is go to the Account Overview screen.
  • From here you will see an overview of your account with your current account balance and account balance.
  • To view the most recent transactions, simply click on the account and it will expand to show a list of recent transactions, including pending transactions.

RBS Bankline How to change your PIN and password

Your RBS Bankline PIN code and password can be changed. Here are the steps you need to take to reset your RBS Bankline credentials:

  • Go to the official RBS Bankline login UK site at and login using the QR code provided.
  • You must then verify your identity by entering the date and time of your last login activity and then selecting the “Change PIN/Password” menu.
  • Enter your newly selected PIN in the first provided area. Confirm the PIN in the second area provided. Go to the next section.
  • Enter the new password you have chosen in the first area provided.
  • Confirm the password in the second area provided. Click the “Next” menu.

What if you forget your login?

Forgot to log in? Does not matter. Here we show a simple process for restarting.

Have you forgotten your login data?

You may forget your customer or user ID, which may prevent you from accessing the site. In such cases, contact the RBS Bankline administrator directly through their Help Center.

If you’ve forgotten your digital bank credentials or aren’t sure, don’t worry. When you register for the service again (opens in a new window), you will be reminded of your subscriber number and can choose a new personal identification number and new password.

Here are some helpful reminders:

Your customer number

It contains up to 10 numbers starting with your date of birth (DDMMGG) and then your unique number (up to 4 digits) that can identify you at the bank. If you are unsure but have a valid debit or credit card, you can use a 16-digit card number followed by a simple PIN and digital banking password.

Your digital bank identification number

This is the 4-digit number you choose when you sign up for digital banking or phone banking. The number can be different from the number you use on your debit or credit card.

Your digital bank password

This is the password you chose when you signed up for digital banking or phone banking. Consists of 6-20 characters and contains at least 1 letter and 1 number.

If you’re not sure yet but have a valid debit card and know your account information, you’ll be able to sign up in a few minutes. Just answer a few questions on the digital bank feedback form.

We will notify you via SMS and email to confirm your registration or to re-register for digital banking services.

Contact information for RBS Bankline

If you currently have questions or require assistance with your RBS Bankline account, please reach out to the following contacts:

To register an account or send a general inquiry, call the team at: 0345 030 3109 Outside the UK: +44 161 755 6375 UK Relay Function: 18001 0345 030 3109 Available Monday through Friday, 9:00am Official Website: .bankline.


Follow the steps in the RBS Bankline registration guide above to complete it properly and access your account easily. If you are still having trouble during the process, you can call the phone number listed in the previous section of this article.

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