Category: Cash Management Cloud

Cash management cloud offers an overall picture of enterprise-wide cash flow with the capacity for ledger bank category, bak details including bank account, bank statements etc and region-specific drill-down analysis. Cash management cloud is a software that integrates across multiple bank accounts to automatically capture the data. It also helps to collect corporate accounting and ERP systems to connect general ledger reconciliation.

Key feature:
• Automated bank statement processing– Cash management cloud automatically load and process electronic bank details with the help of different techniques and formats.
• Automate input and output data flow– Cash management cloud let bank statement data and automatically update general ledger in your ERP with additional and configurable rules-based engines.
• Daily and weekly cash position– Cash management cloud consolidated cash position visibility across banks data at any roll-up level on daily and weekly frequency.
• Transacted cash position- It automatically translates your cash balances and transactions into the base currency as per the choice of the user and auto-refresh currency exchange rates.
• Interface- Cash management cloud provide digital assistant with touch and voice-enabled interface and role, task-specific displays which saves our time and efforts.