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Account receivable cloud provides different software that helps the business organisation to track all the money that is owed by the organisation but is yet to be collected. receivable cloud store all the invoices that the business organisation have sent for product or service they have already delivered. Account receivable helps to generate invoices, send a statement, collect the details of the payment, verify payment and deliver customer report to the organisation.

Account receivables help to map groups of customers to different AR accounts. It also enforces credit limit at every order entry and at the time of invoicing. Customer configuration options can block invoice processing and create annoying messages. Receivable cloud ensures that these errors are reduced and temporarily credit limit should be increased. It also helps to complete audit trail of all transaction. Account receivable track the ID of the user who has made modifications and transaction from the account.

Accounts Receivable automation system, Turnover Ratio, Factoring, Collection Agency, Lender, And Inventory Financing

Most importantly, do you understand how accounts receivable affects your business finances? These balance sheet items can affect or damage your business. With in-depth knowledge of accounts receivable, you can improve cash flow management, take advantage of critical opportunities and maintain...