The Sudoku Kingdom

Sudoku Kingdom

The Sudoku Kingdom is undoubtedly popular all over the world. Compared with other famous games with improved technology, this is a great achievement, because it is obviously a simple game.

What is the Sudoku Kingdom?

Sudokukingdom caused a sensation in the United States and Europe from unknown areas of the Japanese game industry. Sudokukingdom is not only suitable for teenagers, entrepreneurs, and busy travelers, even the elderly have taken it to a new level. Since many adults do not have time to have fun or play in the entertainment area, this can also be boring or expensive because they have been around for a long time.

The whole concept of puzzle games involves very little expense (Sudoku is a free game that can be found in newspapers, magazines and websites), logical thinking and a little free time, which is very attractive.

You can play Sudoku games online in the livesudoku Kingdom and win. At the end of this month, an e-book containing 48 Sudoku puzzles will be sent to you for 5 users with a score of 100 or more. The winner will be selected at random. Players with high scores will be displayed on the website, with a maximum of 128 points per day. Sudoku is hard to resist, because in addition to the game grid, this puzzle game requires only a pencil and eraser for beginners.

Let’s start the fun. This is just a simple numbers game that has caused so much madness in the world. Sudoku is a logic game with a 9 × 9 grid with 9 columns, 9 rows and 9 squares. Each box must have a number written by the player, and only numbers one to nine can be placed. Your goal is to fill all empty boxes with numbers without repeating the same numbers in the same column, row, or square. This can be difficult because you have to fill about 81 small boxes. There is only one answer to this puzzle, so it is important to put the best answer in the correct square.

These answers are interrelated, and a number depends on the surrounding numbers. The player must fill all 81 boxes, because some boxes have been filled as clues, which is good news. The simpler the puzzle, the numbers will be filled, but in some cases, despite the clues, the placement of the numbers will make the puzzle more difficult.

How can it be so easy?

This does not require high math skills, and players do not need to consult other people-the rules are very simple, once you understand their basics, it is just a matter of logical thinking, come up with the full set of numbers to fill the grid.

Popular Sudoku game methods

If you like Sudoku games, there are multiple game methods to satisfy your addiction and exercise your brain.

  • Printed puzzles: This is the first method of distributing these puzzles. Dell Magazine is the first magazine to publish these games in its magazine under the name “Number Place”. This last mystery has been extended to many books. People start to play this super addictive game when they are bored. Printable Sudoku puzzles can also be found on the website called “Kingdom Sudoku“.
  • Online Sudoku Game: Play Sudoku online in the Sudoku Kingdom. It is an increasingly famous Sudoku puzzle website. Unlike other websites, this website allows you to automatically fill cells with candidates to better guide you.

How to play Sudoku Kingdom?

The three rules for playing Sudoku Kingdom daily are:

  • Each number comes from one. At most 9 appear at least once in each row.
  • Each number from 1 to 9 can only appear once in each column.
  • Each number from 1 to 9 can only appear once in each smaller three-by-three grid.

Similarly, it must Strictly follow these rules to ensure that the numbers 1 to 9 of each 3×3 grid are displayed only once in the series. The beauty of this puzzle game is that it can be played at various levels of complexity or difficulty.

Considering that you must follow the above three rules, you can now start playing the Sudoku Kingdom daily game. Sing while playing. Like other puzzles, the best way to start is to start looking for clues. Many experienced players begin to look for the numbers that often appear on the first grid.

For example, suppose you have several 5s in the first puzzle. Now look at the 3 × 3 grid to see if the number 5 also exists. Now start looking for other places where the number 5 appears. Check the rows and columns, as they are meant to guide you where the other five are located.

Remember that the number 5 can only appear once in each of the 3 × 3 grid, rows, and columns. If there are already 5 in the first and third columns, there should be no more 5 in the two columns. So the last number should be placed in the second column.

This process of eliminating all potential in the box will help you solve the puzzle correctly. When you search all 3 × 3 grids, you need to make sure that you only place the numbers 1 through 9 in the rows and columns that contain the most numbers. If there are only two numbers left that are not in the row or column, delete these numbers so you know where to put the last two numbers. If you exclude one possibility in each row or column, you will have a chance to complete the row you are playing.

The steps explained above will guide you to solve Sudoku Kingdom daily puzzles and show you how to play these puzzles easily. You will find that more advanced puzzles are difficult, and you will need skills that experienced players can use to view or check the possibilities of the puzzle.

These changes revolve around the game where players solve and win all the options given in each square. There will be situations where the possibility cannot be eliminated, so a number must be chosen. In this case, please remember where you chose the number in case the first option is incorrect.

Sudoku Kingdom Game Click

A cell to select it, and then press the desired number on the keyboard or click the number on the button bar. To delete a cell, select it and press “Backspace”. To take notes, you must first select a cell and then click the small number in it. Alternatively, you can click the musical note button (bottom right corner) and then click the number or press the number on the keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Use arrows to navigate cells,
  • Press 1-9 keys to enter numbers,
  • Use backspace to delete numbers or notes,
  • Press “N” to enter the note mode,
  • And then enter the note number “Shift”+1-9 to take notes,
  • No need to change Mode (for Mac users, it is Caps Lock)


  • Simple and clean interface.
  • Notes: You can take notes.
  • and mark Sudoku with red duplicate numbers.
  • There are 4 difficult options: sudoku kingdom very easy, sudoku kingdom medium, difficult and very difficult.

How to play Kingdom Sudoku of Sudoku:

The goal of Sudoku is to complete a 9 × 9 grid with numbers, so that each row, each column, and each 3 × 3 sub-grid part (also called block and area) contains 1 to 9 without duplication (That is, there can be only one number 9 per row, column, and 3 × 3 area). At the beginning of the game, you will have a 9 × 9 grid with pre-installed numbers. Using logic, your goal is to fill in the missing numbers to complete the grid. Finally, if the following situation occurs, the movement is incorrect:

  • A column contains two or more numbers between 1 and 9
  • A row contains two or more numbers between 1 and 9
  • 3 × 3 sub The grid contains two or more digital between 1 and 9

SudokuGrid variants

  • Size variants: A 9×9 grid with a 3×3 area is the most common and popular variant. However, there are many other changes, such as a 4 × 4 grid with 2 × 2 areas; a 5 × 5 grid with five joint areas, a 6 × 6 grid with 2 × 3 areas, and a 7 × 7 grid with Six seven areas and one disjoint area. There is also a larger grid: The New York Times provides a 12 × 12 grid called “Dodeka Sudoku”, which contains 12 4 × 3 grid areas. Dell Magazines published a 16×16 “Number Place Challenger” puzzle, and Nikoli provided a 25×25 “Sudoku the Giant” behemoths.
  • Killer Sudoku: A combination of elements of Sudoku and Kakuro
  • Kaodoku-uses partially given smiley faces instead of numbers. For 9 unique combinations, there are 3 possible shapes and 3 possible smiles.
  • Alphabet Sudoku, commonly called Wordoku, uses letters instead of numbers. Some variants contain a complete word on the main diagonal, once the Wordoku Super Sudoku is solved.
  • Hyper sudoku: Use the classic 9×9 grid with 3×3 areas, but there are 4 additional 3×3 inner areas because between 1 and 9 The number must appear exactly once. In
  • Twin Sudoku, two regular grids share a 3 × 3 square. This is one of many possible overlapping grid types. The rules for each individual grid are the same as ordinary Sudoku, but the numbers in the overlapping part are shared by each half, and in some variants, there is no individual grid that can be solved individually.


Kingdom Sudoku puzzle All puzzles, from the simplest to the most difficult, can be solved by the simple techniques mentioned above. Getting help to play the game is not a way to cheat, because it requires a learning curve on all things worth learning, and using help to understand the complete Sudoku puzzle is definitely not cheating, you have not eliminated the need for mental agility . Solve some of the most difficult problems. There are some tips in the video to help you solve the most difficult Kingdom Sudoku game.